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Modular scaffolding assembly operator


Scaffolding for pre-fabricated works, with modular systems, are provisional structures that hold up different work platforms located at different heights, which can carry out functions of service, loading or protection. The spectacular increase in works aimed at restoring faades in all type of buildings, as well as the usual high-rise jobs that require the carrying out of construction works, have led to a significant development of the industry of tubular scaffolding based on modular systems, with the appearance of new products and the evolution of the conventional systems. This technical evolution of modular scaffolding systems has been the cause and, at the same time, the consequence of the development of both the current legal framework, with RD 2177/2004, which amends the previous regulations (RD 1215/1997) with regard to systems for the carrying out of temporary high-rise works, and the Spanish and EU standards, with the publication of the new UNE-12810-1 standard as a Spanish standard. Within this context, the tubular scaffolding installer is the professional who carries out the different jobs related to preparation, assembly, modification and dismantling of these provisional structures, which make it possible to perform jobs at great heights.


  • Conduct a previous study of the work area or space, organising and planning the process and mechanics of the assembly works.
  • Organise the spaces related to work, manoeuvring, storage, loading and access to the work area.
  • Interpret the plans and sketches for the assembly of the structures.
  • Measure the materials, on the plans or on site.
  • Receive, load, unload and check assembly pieces and objects.
  • Set out the starting and support elements.
  • Set up the structural elements of the scaffolding.
  • Check the position, height and distances set for the scaffolding.
  • Level, plumb and set the supporting elements and different pieces of the structure.
  • Set and check the anchoring that clamps the scaffolding to the work structures.
  • Install the objects that protect the scaffolding (railings, nets, canvases and/or canopies).
  • Carry out or install complementary elements (protected, interior or alternative passage ways, access ladders, etc).
  • Make the final adjustment of the structure before it is put into service.
  • Carry out the different operations required for both the modification and dismantling of the scaffolding.
  • Clean and maintain the modular elements of the scaffolding.
  • Handle the elements, tools, machines, auxiliary resources as well as the group and individual protections necessary to carry out the works.

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