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Expert in development and marketing of domotic and inmotic products

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The expert in development and marketing of domotic and inmotic products is the professional who promotes, negotiates and fixes the operations and product sales. Home automation (domotic) is the set of systems that automate energy management services, safety, welfare and communication. Domotics includes the automation in industrial buildings and in services buildings (offices, hotels or public buildings).
This professional works in companies on low voltage electrical installations, home automation, structured wiring, lighting, and distribution and logistics. Its customers can be automation products distribution companies, companies that want to integrate inmotic systems in their offices, or individuals. This professional can also act as an intermediary between the manufacturer or distributor of home automation products and the purchasing company.


  • Inform and gives advices on the usefulness and quality of inmotic and domotic products or services, according to the interests and needs of each client. Explains and demonstrates domotic and inmotic products.
  • Designs the integration of domotic products in a building or home and develops the integrations plan, which is to make the design of the power grid to ensure product performance, set its location, or identify any difficulties in installing and propose solutions.
  • Prepares the budget, handles the sale and perform the service requests to ensure that commitments are met (delivery date, quantity, quality, product characteristics, conditions of carriage, collection, etc.). Care and resolving claims are required
  • Perform management and maintenance tasks of the customer¿s base, making regular contact in order to retain them.
  • Prepares documents related to sales management, and develops basically rapports.

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