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In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, under the Personal Data Protection Act, we inform you that data collected will form part of an automated file, under the ownership of BARCELONA ACTIVE SPM S.A., with registered office at 162-164 Calle Llacuna, Barcelona, with the aim of managing enrollments and of informing of the company's activities and services within its field of action. You will be able to exercise access rights, rectification, cancel cancellation and/or opposition via written communication to the Legal Services of BARCELONA ACTIVE SPM S.A. at the aforementioned address.

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Other denominations

General services manager


Facility management is the coordinating figure of organizations¿ construction, renovation or relocation projects, as well as the contracting of all services aimed at ensuring the proper operation of equipment, facilities' upkeep and maintenance, always with criteria of economic savings and energy efficiency. The person who carries out this role is the facility manager, who is in charge of a proper utilisation of the infrastructures and services provided to its users: access control, cleaning, mechanical and electrical installations of, supplies basic services and materials for ordinary operation, etc.

Currently, the figure of Maintenance Manager with an eminently technical profile has evolved naturally to end up working side by side with the Human Resources and the Financial Departments and becoming the current unique figure of the facility manager. To develop their functions, this professional needs knowledges from different disciplines such as personnel management, cost control, energy efficiency management, as well as knowledges of architecture and engineering. Furthermore, digitalization of technical facilities' maintenance services represents considerable savings highly valued by the companies thanks to the facility manager's work. Thus, in addition to improve efficiency in the provision of basic services, it is also a strategic activity in tertiary and industrial buildings' life cycle.

The facility manager is also the professional in charge of designing or adapting the company's spaces and infrastructures so that the employees carry out their functions with the greatest comfort and efficiency. In this case he/she may be in charge of managing the general services of the company (maintenance, security, cleaning, supply of materials, basic supplies of light, water, gas, telephone, etc.). Over time, facility manager's responsibilities have been increasing and currently he/she is in charge of solving issues in a centralized way and allows savings and efficiency in the resources that companies and organizations make available to their work teams and customers.


The tasks of this professional can vary depending on the type of company that hires him/her: a large company that occupies several buildings, a building or business centre that houses its facilities, a shopping centre, a consulting company that advises on facility management or a company that provides this type of services. In this sense, he/she may carry out different types of functions with different responsibility:
  • Manage, adapt or design spaces in the building.
    Develop corporate strategy according to property resources and the policy for optimization of space.
    Adapt company spaces to new organizational requirements (e. g., the location of consultants for a limited time period).
    Establish the most effective way of integrating the basic services of Internet and the telecom and security network into company facilities.
    Determine the ideal location of the furniture to achieve the maximum efficiency in the working environment without reducing the quality of the atmosphere, noise levels and correct lighting.
    Carry out studies to assess the quality of the facilities and analyze how distribution of the space can affect the worker performance. Ensure compliance according to occupational safety and health standards.
    Plan the management of office spaces, industrial or other buildings with the assistance of specific computer programs.
  • Manage company's general services.
    Advise on the acquisition of properties.
    Contract the necessary products and services for a correct operation, conservation and maintenance of facilities and engineering.
    Assume responsibility for the supply of energy and office equipment, as well as its optimization.
    Comprehensive management of all the company's general services: maintenance, cleaning, security, gardens, catering, mail, among others.
    Manage the conservation and maintenance of the facilities and engineering (failure control, inspection and repair).

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