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Occupational health and safety specialist at construction projects

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This professional is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, as well as occupational health and safety regulations in force within each construction project, ensuring the principles of health and safety and preventive action principles at all times. According to current regulations, this professional can work with the contractor companies who participate in the construction execution process, since tasks with special risks involved can be carried out during the construction process.

This professional is also responsible for ensuring compliance with preventive and protection measures established in the corresponding health and safety plan, as well as verifying their effectiveness on site.


  • Determine needs and establish the best strategies to guarantee worksite safety according to existing regulations.
  • Draw up (or someone draws up under their responsibility) the Study or Basic Safety and Health Study.
  • Ensure that the general principles of prevention in matters of health and safety and the provisions of the Study or Basic Safety and Health Study are considered during the development of the project.
  • Coordinate worksite activities to guarantee that preventive actions are applied by companies and self-employed workers.
  • Ensure that the different preventive and protective measures are suitably implemented that are established in the health and safety plan: worksite perimeter fence, individual and group protections, worker information and training on risks, health and safety signs, adaptation of the work teams, among others.
  • Adopt control measures for accessing the worksite and verify the effectiveness of the preventive measures implemented.
  • Collaborate in the detection of anomalies or deficiencies with regard to occupational health and safety.
  • Responsible for the incidents book, which must always be present at the worksite.
  • Participate in the internal organisation of the work, in the planning of resources and in the control of documentation related to the prevention of occupational health and safety.
  • Be ready to freeze operations totally or partially at the worksite in case of serious or imminent risk, notifying the labour inspection, affected contractors and subcontractors and the workers' representatives.

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