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Energy market operators work with the necessary information systems in order to schedule and monitor operations in the energy market. They are responsible for drawing up the system's daily operating schedule, balancing the supply and demand offers that reach them, under the supervision of a commission of representatives of qualified producers, distributors, suppliers and consumers. This is an extremely analytical role, since their work is focused on examining key indicators which can provide valuable information about the market. They make constant use of data, draft status reports, calculate forecasts, define market strategies and help make decisions which affect the development of business. Aside from this management aspect, they should also have a technical side, in order to be able to contribute to the development of analytical tools.


  • Collaborate on creating IT applications designed for making offers in the energy market and other associated sectors.
  • Manage wholesale electricity trading market. For such purposes, responsible for adding daily forecasts, processing offers and reporting incidents and adjustments from suppliers on a day-to-day basis.
  • Draw up forecasts on the basis of analysis models applied to various key variables (demand, pool, electricity generation per resource, etc.).
  • Monitor relevant developments in the market (prices, offers, competitors, etc.).
  • Carry out thorough analyses of consumption patterns and establishes forecasts on the basis of a range of vital variables (weather, demand recorded in similar periods, changing fuel prices, introduction of changes to regulations, etc.).
  • Estimate market shares and monitor strategies implemented by competitors.
  • Draw up follow-up reports to be used as a resource to help make strategic decisions.

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