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Consultant; Business consultant; Business analyst


ICT consultant is a hybrid profile that needs extensive economic and sales experience, as well as knowledge related to information and communications technology (ICT). These professionals use their experience in both sectors to help their clients develop technology solutions to help them reach their business goals. Their duties are to analyse the client's situation, create a business plan and develop ICT solutions, both for the company itself and for external clients. This profile may be more or less technological depending on the field in which the professional works.

SAP consultant is one of the most common specializations within this professional profile. These professionals parameterize the SAP modules and know their functions perfectly in order to adapt them to the specific needs of each company.


ICT consultants carry out the following tasks:
  • Define the ICT strategy.
    Analyse the requirements of the company (may be the company itself or an external client) to develop suitable strategies regarding information and communications technologies.
    Define the various strategies to be followed by the company in all technology-related fields in order to be competitive.
    Advise on potential risks.
  • Develop ICT solutions.
    Once business strategies to be followed by the company have been defined and approved, consultants develop a series of proposals (solutions) that conform to these strategies. ICT consultants ensure that proposed solutions meet business needs.
    Be present during and coordinate the implementation of these solutions in the company.
    Provide an overall theoretical vision of all technological aspects that contain these solutions. For example: security levels, how information will flow, how systems will be implemented, etc.
  • Identify and define new business opportunities.
    Identify new technology-related business opportunities.
    Work on these new opportunities to define how they will be able to help the company simplify, improve or re-design business processes.
  • Measure results and trends.
    Once solutions have been introduced, ICT consultants measure and assess project results.
    Define potential new directions for the company's technology strategy using these measures.

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