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Software Agent; Expert-software agents Ex.


The engineer in artificial intelligence performs programming actions based on artificial intelligence. This intelligence uses intelligent agents, computational system placed in an environment and able to carry out independent actions in this environment to reach its objectives. Numerous dynamic elements interact and learn mutually or from the environment (databases, information systems, etc.) thus allowing them to simulate the behaviour of persons or machines and to take decisions in accordance with the mission they have been programmed for.

Artificial Intelligence is a very broad discipline which includes the following fields: robotics, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, neural networks, computer vision, intelligent agent-based modeling, big data, recommendation systems, predictive analytics, etc.


  • Develop algorithms for artificial intelligence by applying fuzzy logic systems.
  • Develop customization applications based on neural networks and datamining.
  • Integrate with Internet platforms and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
  • Create multi-agent system models for different online environments and develop the use of negotiation techniques in multi-agent systems.
  • Creatively apply knowledge in artificial intelligence to develop prototypes to provide real solutions to various demands.

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