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These professionals select the ideal candidates to fill particular vacancies, therefore mediating between companies' personnel needs and those of people searching for employment who possess different levels of training and specialisation.

Recruitment consultants use different tests and interview techniques, adapting them to the characteristics of the ideal candidate sought by the client company. To select personnel, interviewers must be able to obtain prior information from both parties (about the vacancy and the application) and properly assess and contrast this information.

As such, they employ specific methodology to interview candidates for different positions in order to record and find out about their skills, educational background, experience and, subsequently, determine their suitability for particular professional roles. The people being interviewed may be candidates to fill vacancies at a company, or people being considered for promotion at the company for which they work.


  • Determine and analyse the specifications of the candidate required by the client company and other recruitment sources.
    Analyse the position (job descriptions and requirements that candidates must meet).
    Analyse possible staff recruitment sources (external consulting firms, temporary job agencies, agreements with universities, databases or newspaper adverts).
  • Search for and canvass candidates that meet the job description.
  • Define the most suitable psychotechnical, technical or group dynamic tests to be used for each vacancy.
  • Conduct personal interviews.
    Prior to the interview, choose the most suitable selection techniques for each case or situation and prepare the interview.
    Assess candidates.
    Read candidates' CVs, identifying the most relevant information for the position in question and obtaining additional information.
    Consider candidates' attitude, motivation, interest in the job and availability.
  • Assess the candidate using knowledge, skill, psychometric or personality-based tests.
  • Draw up reports on finalists and give them to the organisation.
    Schedule a final interview with the person directly responsible for the position.
  • Follow-up with the company, maintain and update files or databases.

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