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This professional programmes, organises and coordinates conferences, congresses, meetings, seminars, inaugurations, symposiums, commercial fairs, product presentations and other events of a business nature. Often, companies leave the organisation of fairs and meetings in the hands of specialised companies, given that this task requires a great deal of organisational and logistical effort, prior to, during and following celebrations.

Some of the most important qualities that this professional should possess is a good planning ability and creativity. In addition, corporate events planners should first and foremost be equipped to deal with unexpected situations or solve last-minute problems before the commencement of events. For this reason, corporate events planners should show clear problem-solving abilities and be able to endure situations of stress.


  • Organising an event inherently involves a creative phase:
    Meet with clients so as to know their needs and analyse the type of public to which the event is orientated.
    After talking with the client, translate their ideas into appropriate stage language so that the message fulfills its objective. Define the type of event that best adjusts to the necessities and demands of the client, with this objective in mind.
  • Coordinate the team responsible for the assembly of the event:
    As and when it is decided what type of event will be carried out, the planner must choose the most suitable tools to broadcast this message (audiovisual assemblies, design of graphical images, necessary logistical services, etc.).
  • Plans the distribution of physical space according to the needs of the company:
    Determine which is the most suitable space in which to celebrate the event and the necessary materials to equip the space.
  • Contract the different external services necessary to to carry out the event:
    Contact and organise the catering in accordance with the needs of the event (breakfast, breaks...).
    Contact and organise hostesses according to their roles.
    Contact and organise sound technicians.
    Programme shows for the event, where appropriate.
    Contract and coordinate a specialised team of interpreters and manages simultaneous translation, if necessary.
  • Organise and supervise suppliers: graphic designers, reprography service, window dressers, audiovisual technicians, installation of stands, equipment rent (supply of computers or decorative elements), transportation of materials, security, cleaning, collection...
  • Plans necessary protocol if the occasion requires it:
    Be responsible for the production of event publicity and its diffusion through the media.
    Contact with invited speakers.
    Inform and assist invited speakers.
    Prepare programmes and documentation for attendees following address order:
    Inform and assist invited speakers, exhibitors and sponsors during the celebration of the event.
    Prepare programmes and documentation for attendees.
    Be responsible for drawing up exhibition plans, the dossier and contract.
    Be responsible for the enrollment and accreditation of participants.
  • Greet and accommodate speakers and visitors.
    Be responsible for sending newsletters to conference attendees.
    Develop and produce an entertainment programme for attendees (cultural routes, leisure...).
    Reserve hotels for attendees.
    Organise transportation for attendees during the event.
    Oversee that everything goes as planned during the event. Unforeseen events often arise that the planner should take into account in order to be able to contribute solutions.
  • Supervise the dismantling of all equipment and material following the event.
  • Invoice and control income flow:
    Approve invoices.
    Take responsibility for accountancy and presents the final balance sheet.
  • Advise on matters that they should be considered when organising events of a commercial character.
    Advise as to the most suitable dates for the event.
    Advise on the location and the selection of locations.
    Assess potential sponsors.

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