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Transmedia & branded content specialist


The digital content found on websites is a key factor for brand positioning. The Internet is a medium where optimal positioning for the purchase and sale of goods and services must respond to a carefully designed and implemented corporate strategy to maximise the visualisation of the offer, sales and customer loyalty. In this context, the correct design, implementation and monitoring of a brand's digital content (text, images, infographics, etc.) is of great importance and is a fundamental element of digital marketing. The content found on many websites is optimised for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which is the tool that allows websites to be positioned in the best way to make them more accessible. In this sense, quality content is essential to improve positioning in the eyes of potential customers.

Consequently, these professionals are specialists in the writing of texts and preparation of content for websites with the aim of bringing this content to the top positions of internet search engines. This professional activity is related to digital marketing, since creating content that ranks requires in part to follow technical SEO guidelines, but at the same time it is also necessary that the text and content focuses on the keywords we want to position and some criteria that will improve the indexing of search engines. Therefore, it is necessary to have the ability to be writing both for internet search engines (indexing, positioning) and for the users of these contents (empathy, attractiveness, emotion) always considering the volatility of internet searches, because customers want to find what they are looking for in the shortest possible time.


  • Create non-intrusive actions that inform/entertain/inspire the audience, transmitting the values associated with the brand and increasing brand recall by generating high-value experiences.
  • Write and revise content, adapting the message to the target audience.
  • Incorporate SEO strategies in the process of developing digital content by optimising texts and choosing related keywords to work on each article or page in a natural way.
  • Design strategies for websites in different sectors, detecting the weak points that need to be corrected and optimising the content already published. Likewise, it is necessary to propose and create lead magnets, create nurturing and email marketing strategies to achieve the established objectives in terms of visits to the website, conversions, monetisation, etc.
  • Establish the stylistic criteria of communication in the contents published on websites, blogs, social networks, etc., ensuring that the tone and style of the texts and contents are in line with and transmit the values of the brand.
  • Write structured texts with titles to improve search engine indexing and achieve optimal positioning of content in search engines, applying techniques that facilitate quick reading and easy viewing of content.
  • Demonstrate responsiveness to respond effectively to changes detected in the results obtained in KPIs and SEO, reacting immediately to any situation, prioritising and working as part of a team.

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