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Business expansion responsible


A business expansion responsible is in charge for the company business expansion and plays an executive role because he defines and deploys the business development strategy. In the case of franchises, it is responsible for advising franchisees.

This professional manages activities related to marketing, sales, product development and customer service to drive business growth and market share. When it holds a chief executive position in medium or large companies, he or she report directly to the CEO and it is primarily concerned with ensuring the overall business success.

Essentially, he or she monitors and ensures during the process of acquiring a product or service, making sure that organization functions are fitted for achiving their strategic business objectives. Market goals must be closely linked to the company strategic function when drafting, implementing, and evaluating cross-cutting decisions that enable the company to achieve its long-term goals.


  • Carry out market research to detect opportunities for commercial expansion.
  • Direct and coordinate new openings or areas of expansion (geographical areas and market segmentation) at a national and/or international level
  • Depending on the kind of market or product, He or she may develop the following expansion techniques:
    Market penetration: facing the challenge of implementing a new market penetration strategy for a traditional product that must be launched in a traditional market.
    Product development: executing commercial actions in the current market plan, but developing a new or optimized product
  • Negotiate with supplier companies or potential franchisees and establishes terms and conditions (fees to be paid, rents, services to be provided) within withc future agreements will be developed.
  • Homogenize the brand image, accordingly to marketing department, in order to implement a common merchandising policy and spread a unique corporate image.

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