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This expert's role involves advising on the most efficient ways of allocating a company or organisation's financial resources. The budget may include the overall operation of these companies or organisations or alternatively relate to specific initiatives or projects that require an independent budget (advertising or promotional campaign, investment in a customer satisfaction and loyalty scheme, an R&D programme, etc.). This analyst should have solid accounting and technical budgeting skills and, furthermore, should be familiar with the relevant tools (suitable software).


These professionals have a vital role in drawing up, analysing and executing a company or organisation's budgets. They estimate their future financial requirements and establish the criteria to optimise the allocation of resources available for the various departments or functional areas within the company or organisation in question.

Specifically, the tasks that they perform include:
  • Examining, analysing and searching for new ways to improve the company's economic and financial efficiency.
  • Helping to determine the elements that can ensure bigger operating surpluses.
  • Offer advice and technical support for the preparation of annual budgets and operating and financial plans (in which programmes, budget increases and new initiatives are proposes and new expenditure and capital investment items are estimated), taking account of the organisation's priorities and financial resources.
  • In order to be able to carry out their advisory role, analysts examine budgets, making sure that they are complete, accurate and comply with the company or organisation's regulations and targets. To carry out this analysis they may use cost-benefit methods or analyse and compare budgets from different years or analyse the economic and financial growth that impinges on the company's expenditure.
  • After these initial analyses they consolidate the budgets from the different departments and draw them together in an overall budget. In the supplementary report they may include comments for or against the budgetary demands made by different departments.
  • In this sense, analysts help the management to make decisions with regards to the allocation of the company or organisation's resources.
  • During the year-long period that corresponds to a budget year, analysts monitor (and notify about) the degree of compliance with budgets, reviewing deviations, explaining the cause thereof and analysing and budgetary procedures carried out.
  • Where changes have been made to a budgetary plan or a new one has been introduced, analysts are tasked with advising as to its efficiency and effectiveness.
  • They may also be involved in the long-term planning of the organisation or company and in drawing up future budget forecasts.

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