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Expert in definition, measurement and communication of critical indicators of compliance of a company on the Internet.


Web analytics experts are in charge of compiling and carefully analysing all the data generated by the online tools available to a company (web, blog, online marketing campaigns, etc.) in order to help better understand traffic, users' behaviour and profile, their degree of satisfaction, the level of service offered, the customer life cycle, the competitive framework of the degree of achievement of the organization's objectives on the Internet. From the analysis of this information, which is presented with figures, graphs or infographics to facilitate understanding, conclusions will be drawn that will allow choosing and applying the most appropriate positioning techniques on the network to place the company at a competitive advantage over the rest.

There are many data to collect and evaluate by these professionals, some of them can be: number of visits, number of comments posted by users, number of sales through online channels, number of registered users, types of access to the web (by entering keywords in a search engine or directly through the brand name), number of clicks, time of each visit, etc.

Through this analysis, they propose solutions that improve the company's online marketing results or that help them to achieve their objectives, which can range from an increase in market share to an increase in sales. Ultimately, their function is to use data to transform websites to make them more efficient, usable and powerful.


  • Determine the priority indicators to assess the degree of fulfilment of the online organization's objectives.
  • Identify the internal and external information flows necessary for monitoring the indicators proposed.
  • Obtain, analyse and track key performance indicators (KPIs) and other statistics using web analysis tools such as: Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, etc.
  • Control the traffic of the company website, the social profile, the block of other instruments that they implement and analyse the data obtained.
  • Collect qualitative data on comments and actions of users in the different online tools available to the company and draw conclusions about their behaviour.
  • Perform or supervise the continuous monitoring of the proposed indicators, pointing out the variations or abnormal parameters in relation to the expected values and proposing the updating of metrics according to the observed results.
  • Manage requires and analyse databases and records in order to produce reports for the management team.
  • Conduct campaign analysis in coordination with the marketing department.
  • Collaborate with the design and communication team in strategic planning proposing design improvements or web processes to help develop more efficient online marketing policies that enrich the user experience.
  • Constantly updated on trends in design and online marketing and expand their knowledge of new indictors or tools that can offer relevant information.

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