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These specialists carry out the entire printing process, from the preparation and configuration of the machinery to the reproduction of the final product. They are responsible for copying and binding all kinds of printed materials and, specially, are a key figure in activities that require accurate, high-quality printing activities, such as the copying of microfilm and the reproduction of graphic art material.

To do their job, they must be an expert in the use of editing software and graphic art processes, configuring and adjusting parameters such as size, colour space, resolution or target format, among others, in order to optimise the printing results.


  • Discuss the work's requirements with the client, determining the calendars, costs and number of required copies. Therefore, these professionals are responsible for planning the printing so that the work comes out as agreed.
  • Review mock-ups and the work plan in order to determine the type and style of the typesetting.
  • Work with filmsetting and electronic layout programmes in order to enter and modify text formats, etc.
  • Manually prepare Pantone colours by mixing dyes or pigments.
  • Programme the instructions and parameters of the printing equipment; (photocopiers, printers, plotters, etc.).
  • Run tests to determine colour dot, density control and finishings.
  • Print, using a photolithograph, or create prior proofs on photographic paper using a computer.
  • Scan master copies with an optical scanner in order to digitise images.
  • Prepare and work with basic bookbinding equipment to cut, raise, staple or bind a graphic product.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of the printing equipment in terms of ink, chemicals, paper, etc. Assemble and align the machines, if necessary.
  • Help prepare the designs of the printing products and their availability.
  • They sometimes also carry out administrative tasks, such as recording the work's characteristics and ordering more materials.

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