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Stage managers are responsible for the material organisation of a theatre production. The positions of artistic director and stage manager are complementary; that is to say, artistic directors create the production and bring it to life, while stage managers oversee it, ensure it runs correctly, and are responsible for the technical aspects of the stage and any props required. As performance day approaches, responsibility for the production passes from the director to the stage manager, as it had previously passed from the author to the director and actors.


  • Organise rehearsals.
  • Coordinate with other departments with regard to costumes, stage design, changes in staging, sound and lighting.
  • Manage the prop and costume budget.
  • Record and update information in the prompt book.
  • Coordinate set changes with the director and theatre staff, as well as the times for the beginning and end of the play - when the audience can go in, and when they have to leave by.
  • Supervise the process for moving sets in and out during the performance.
  • Coordinate actors' entry on stage.
  • Coordinate the actions of sound and lighting technicians during the performance.

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