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The translator works on translating words and written expressions from one language to another handling texts, documents and other written materials. This distinguishes him/her from interpreters, who focus on oral transmission.

Additionally, translators must commonly specialize in a particular field, as terms and expressions vary greatly depending on the subject matter to be translated (technical, scientific, legal, etc.). Another professional field where we can find translators is in the editing of subtitles in audiovisual materials or occasionally in stage plays that are performed in their original language (opera, theatre, etc.).


  • Translate the documentation and often uses computer-assisted translation programs.
  • Review the style of the text.
  • Adapt the translated documentation to the company's requirements.
  • Where appropriate, the context of the work or audiovisual material to be translated is documented and studied in depth, in order to fully understand it.
  • In the case of subtitle editing, use software to integrate and synchronize the sentences with the original image and audio. If it is a live performance, it is in charge of adapting them to the real time, with the possible changes or improvisations that may occur.

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