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A journalist seeks, collects, deals with, prepares, presents, disseminates and/or manages current information on various topics and/or for different supports, always respecting ethical precepts and the legal regulations. He is a versatile figure who can be found in any media, in the press, radio, television, agencies, media offices and digital newspapers. They can also work as freelance.

Depending on journalism areas or subjects, significant differences can be found between: media (when serving various media or platforms), topics (when caring for content related to different sections or areas), technological (when it involves the use of instruments linked to various stages of information production) and digital (when it is aimed at the Internet, it is multimedia and includes forms of interactivity). In the latter case, the journalist can also act as a chat moderator or online conversations, establishing priorities among Internet users and facilitating flow information.


The basic function of journalism is to supply contents to traditional or digital media. A journalist focuses on a variety of tasks, from obtaining data and managing audience feedback to information processing and enrichment by multimedia resources. Specifically:
  • Detect the public interest in recent events for the media, and decide which channels are ideal for each information piece and to know which resources are required (text, sound, photography, video, infographics, etc.).
  • Properly document oneself in order to carry out post-network work and obtain the necessary data for information, preferably going beyond the material available on the web, for example, through direct observation, interviews, etc.
  • Hierarchize and organize the information obtained, taking into account final media.
  • Organize and disseminate information in a correct, clear and interesting way in accordance with the basic journalistic rules, making the appropriate follow-up, both through new information (pieces complementing the topic in question) and managing comments and other audience contributions
  • In the case of digital journalism, a journalist can also coordinate and moderate chats.

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