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Executive producers are the central figure in the audiovisual market. The tasks involved in production are extremely varied, so the role of an executive producer cannot be boiled down to a single profile, but rather there are various different profiles linked to the world of production. Broadly speaking, the person in charge of production has ultimate responsibility for the business side of an audiovisual product, with a view to its distribution. Out of all of the figures associated with the world of audiovisual production - including executive producers, producers, production managers and assistant producers - the role of the executive producer is without a doubt the most significant. These professionals oversee the project as a whole, which involves the rest of the professionals in the sector who are involved, planning the execution of a budget that has already been determined, and attempting to secure the necessary funding in order to carry out an approved project. Executive production requires a significant amount of management of human and technical teams, productive organisation and excellent leadership skills. The large responsibility represented by the management and execution of the budget and ensuring that the deadlines for the film are met makes this professional an audiovisual "director", under large amounts of pressure from the people financing the project - whether they are a television channel, production company, foreign co-producers or public entities - and also from the project's technical and artistic team. It is not enough for these professionals l to have vast technical and organisational knowledge - they must also possess a broad vision of the artistic design of an audiovisual product. They should be familiar with the market, the types of product that will do well in specific markets, and must be in a position to discuss issues with members of the production's artistic team in order to make reasonable decisions that take into account both economic and artistic considerations.


  • Preparation of the production: managing the concept, analysing and adapting the script to the initial aim and to the budget available.
  • Management of technical teams: hiring professionals to carry out the different parts of the production, and coordinating these teams.
  • Planning and preparation of the shoot: preparation of the timeline for the project and of the shooting plan.
  • Execution of the shooting plan: control and execution of the budget.
  • Overseeing the post-production process.
  • Marketing and distribution of the product.

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