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Art editor, Layout designer


A desktop Publisher is in charge of the final format and graphic elements using appropriate computer software for layout and graphic processing, either for digital or printed content.
He or she collaborates very closely with the art and design team and his responsibility is to ensure that the final product conveys a consistent and homogeneous appearance throughout all the contents, through a correct images and text arrangement for its audience, aiming at harmonious look publications, coherent and easy to read.
This professional works by organizing texts and graphics that can be presented in several products: books, cards, promotional brochures and banners, calendars, exhibitors and packaging, magazines, newspapers, tickets, and the like


The layout designer must carry out the necessary operations to obtain the final material to be published.
  • Work on the text and format using word processing programs (font style, column width, spacing, line spacing, etc.).
  • Create graphics to suport text.
  • Introduces scanned images using digital cameras. Processes images, manipulates them and retouches them using the right programs.
  • Finishes images (background color, shapes) and create special effects.
  • Executes layout document , displays it and makes the necessary adjustments.
  • Carries out the graphic design and prepares the document final format.
    If it is aimed at printing, prepare photoliths or digital printing (offset).
    If it is targeted to the internet, it converts the content to HTML format
    If you are targeting a publication or editorial project, you can perform graphic design functions: analyze editorial content and positioning, create style proposals, design the cover and pages, and establish a global style for the publication by ensuring editorial continuity for the collection.
  • Coordinates with graphic design, illustration and photography professionals to agree on the best way to visually transfer project content.
  • Keeps up to date with trends or audience requirements and performs redesigns of the layout when necessary.

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