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This professional plans, designs and supervises the construction and installation of temporary or permanent spatial intervention projects that may have a commercial or artistic nature.

Besides suitable technical knowledge, this professional must also have creative aptitudes, since their work is dedicated to achieve certain objectives, which are sometimes artistic or decorative, which have to be presented to the public in an attractive way, sometimes in a museum or communication way, making it easier for the public to understand the exhibition's content.

The variety of spaces where they work (urban, museums, art galleries, etc.) and the diversity of the projects they carry out (temporary exhibitions, permanent museum installations, specific events that need spatial staging, etc.) demand great versatility.


Analyse the needs and plan the exhibition space
  • Determine the client's needs according to the type of production (exhibitor, stand, show...) and duration of the space or installation.
  • Based on the information collected, carry out previous research in order to determine the ideal characteristics of the design (dimensions, shape, location, weight, materials, cost, safety, processes, ease of assembly), and prepare the preliminary sketches and designs.
  • Plan the volume of the audience, the route and the pace for travelling through the spaces, considering the content to be exhibited and the knowledge and emotions that are planned to convey to the audience.

Design the space
  • Design the space and the structure, defining the type of furniture, materials, textures, colours and lighting that are suitable, employing different communication techniques (texts, charts, architectures, screens, etc.) to define spaces.
  • Develop designs on plans and diagrams using computer and simulation programmes or building models.
  • Discuss the designs with clients and, where necessary, adapt them to meet their needs or tastes, the budget or other constraints.

Take part in the production and installation process
  • Thoroughly define the construction process and the specifications for materials, etc.
  • Oversee the set-up, supervising the work of the technicians participating and carrying out the occasional changes that could be needed. In some cases, hire specialised companies to construct the structures and oversee their installation.
  • Collaborate in the finishing touches and decorative elements of structures and ephemeral spaces.

Consider the needs for conservation and security and trends in the design of art spaces.
  • Work in close collaboration with museums and exhibited works curators to guarantee safety and conservation.
  • Stays up to date with new scientific and technological developments in the fields of lighting, security, as well as heating and cooling.

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