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A designer of jewellery and objects made with precious metals typically designs, conserves and restores all types of jewellery featuring precious and semi-precious metals, as well as products made of silver or silver-plated materials. Their tasks include the creation of jewellery and objects made with precious metals, using their own personal design, as well as the conservation and restoration of artistic heritage. They have the knowledge necessary to resolve technical problems that could arise during the production process.


  • Participates in defining the new jewellery or piece of craftsmanship made with precious metals. The designer of jewellery and craftsmanship in precious metals participates in defining the new project, in which a series of design and market parameters are clearly marked, such as the desired style, price point and, therefore, what materials and processes can be used, how many pieces it should include and their sizes.
  • Makes various design proposals.
    Designers make several design proposals using hand-drawn or computer sketches, using rendering technology or 3D drawing tools.
  • Execute one or two creative proposals.
    One or two of the sketches are selected and then developed in greater detail to be presented for final approval. Subsequently, execute the technical plan for the piece.
  • Create or manage the model or prototype.
    If they are a designer, they also make models, creating a model or prototype by hand based on the piece's technical plan. If so desired, the model or prototype can be made using a computer; the designer then manages its creation via different technologies and materials that are similar to the design prototypes of industrial products.

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