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Artistic Installation Manager


This is the professional responsible for managing the incorporation and the maintenance of equipment, and image, sound and multimedia facilities that form part of some exhibitions. Its function is to detect possible problems in the operation of audiovisual facilities and manage the repair of systems, by requesting the services of corresponding technicians.


  • Carry out the control of facilities from the moment in which they begin to function.
  • Supervise the maintenance and the correct functioning of facilities:
    multimedia (websites, interactive DVDs, CD-ROMs, networked IT equipment)
    sound (audio systems)
    image (DVDs, videos, videoconferences, slide or computer projections)
    engineering (interactive devices)
  • Manage and coordinate repair works, modify and correct audiovisual facilities and systems, selecting the type of activity necessary and contacting specialist technicians in charge of the repair (specialists in image, sound, electronics, computer science).
  • Assess the operation of audiovisual resources and the adaptation and renovation of the assigned physical facility.
  • Work as interlocutor with the technical experts experts related to the works.

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