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Game Developer


Video game programmers create the video game code. Specifically, they design, develop and perform the maintenance of video games, offering creative solutions at any time with the aim of building fun and quality games.

This professional is responsible for the architecture of the game (internal structure) and has an overall vision of all the tasks and technologies involved in developing the game, including 2D and 3D multimedia, intelligent behaviour simulation and networked multigames, as well as their relationships and dependencies.

This professional usually collaborates with other people who participate in the technical development of the video game, such as UI designers, usability experts and other video game developers and programmers, depending on the size and type of company where they work.


Participate in the design of the video game
  • Participate in the team developing the history of the video game, defining the game's specifications and establishing its technical requirements.
  • Design the internal architecture and implement the game's characteristics and functionalities.

Develop the video game
  • Program the code for the video game, using programming languages and developing well-structured quality codes aimed at easing the understanding for future changes or modifications.
  • Graphic programming in 2D and/or 3D.
  • Develop engines for interiors, exteriors, illumination, character animation, special effects, graphic interfaces, hardware acceleration, etc.
  • Develop the code for real-time audio.
  • Program the simulation of intelligent behaviour based on artificial intelligence techniques.
  • Program for network players and develop the code using the relevant protocol.
  • Control input and output devices and develop code for the keyboard, mouse, joysticks and other devices.

Guarantees quality and videogame maintenance
  • Incorporate graphics, sound and networking components in the game in close collaboration with the interface design and user experience team.
  • Perform quality testing of the video game to detect any possible issues or faults and find solutions to resolve them.
  • Maintain and optimise the existing characteristics of the game, adapting them to new functionalities or technologies found on the market.

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