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These professionals work in a journalistic communication medium and are in charge of communicating information using infographics (info journalism). Their mission is to convert written information into graphic and interactive elements in order to summarize and reinforce in a clear and synthetic way the message to be communicated, highlighting the most relevant items of a news item or content.

These professionals must have a two-fold vision in the execution of their job: first of all that of journalism, to detect the key aspects to highlight, but also that of graphic design, to define the most appropriate way to present them. In this sense, they must choose between the different visual elements with which they work (charts, drawings, tables, diagrams, organisational charts, etc) and adapt them to the platform where the infographics are directed (press, television or internet), especially enhancing aspects such as interaction, through movement and audio, in the case of digital formats.

It should be noted that communication through infographics is not always linear: each infographic presents different reading lines and each person interprets the infographics according to their interests, and this is even more noticeable in interactive infographics. These professionals should take it into account.


Seek, analyse and summarise information.
  • Analyse the information that will be converted into a graphic icon and study the various ways to visually present the information in the most obvious way possible.
  • If the project requires a specific documentation search or personal interview, they carry these out.
  • Take into account this information's level of importance, its journalistic novelty, whether it will be accompanied by a text or not, and, together with the art director or person in charge, they assign the specific weight that the graphic icon will have in the whole set of news.
Design various graphic options for each piece of news.
  • Prepare different infographic proposals for each information, using graphic resources and, depending on the format, also interactive resources.
  • Consider the possible routes of interest of the users and the possibilities for interactivity offered by the information.
  • Once the graphic idea has been approved, create the final design.

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