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Scriptwriters are in charge of creating audiovisual content and expressing this content through the writing of the script. Among the functions of this occupation we find imagining and describing characters, plots, settings and situations, designing dialogues and, ultimately, creating attractive content for audiovisual products.
This occupation requires a broad mastery of writing techniques and a deep understanding of audiovisual language, in order to achieve the basic objective of organizing narratively in a script (through scenes, descriptions, actions, dialogues and annotations) a content that must be produced, filmed and broadcast.

These professionals create and make scripts for movies or short films, documentaries, television series, radio or television programs, commercials, plays and musicals. As scriptwriters, these professionals can work in different types of companies in the audiovisual sector, such as television and radio channels and companies, film and/or theatre production companies, and large advertising companies.


  • Research the nature of the audience at whom the programme is aimed and the topic to be used in the screenplay.
  • Analysis of the production requirements and requests (where it has been commissioned) in order to construct an audiovisual narrative.
  • Identify the narrative potential of the various sources that may be used in an audiovisual script and consider the best way to adapt them.
  • Write the structure or outline of the script, or synopsis.
  • Write audiovisual content in general: construct narratives and stories for film, television or advertising.
  • Make the necessary changes in the script on the basis of feedback.
  • Rewrite parts of the script and be able to let go of bits that screenwriters themselves may view as essential but which the producer or director believe can be cut.
  • Adaptation of novels, plays or musicals for film or television.
  • Write the notebook containing audio and video cues for the director and screen design (sequences, scenes, shots, camera movements and editing).

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