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The community manager is in charge of building, managing and moderating virtual communities around a brand or company on the internet.
Social networks deployment as a communication channel makes it necessary for both companies and self-employed people to be ther, in order to publicize their services and products. In this sense, not to be in the net means a significant loss of market share and customer base. In addition, it is not only necessary to have a business profile on social media, but also to keep it active and up-to-date, energizing the community and interacting with customers in order to give feedback to their queries and comments, contribute to create a good brand image and foster a sense of belonging and closeness.

In this context, a community manager builds the company's public virtual face. Its mission is to use social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.) as a tool to engage customers to the company or brand and attract new ones, either through of the daily contact through social networks, the creation of new brand related contents and/or by participating with communication and public relations as well as the programming and management of events.


  • Contributes to the development of online marketing and the company's dissemination strategies. It uses existing social networks and digital tools to create profiles tailored to the company's goals related to web global positioning.
  • Fosters a sense of community around a brand or company by building relationships with customers and potential customers through the network.
  • Monitors online conversations and manages comments that can be included on the company's website, social profile or blog.
  • Identifies reference websites, specialized bloggers or new trends in relation to their online business niche, and links them to the digital tools and social networks available to the company online marketing strategies. In addition, it also identifies new networks where the company can position itself.
  • Manages the reputation of the online company, controls its brand, uses it correctly and protects it.
  • Monitors social media, actively listens to what is being said about the company, analyses comments, and applies conclusions to the company's marketing strategies.
  • Participates in social networks, encourages participation related to the company for other organizations or users, connects the company to new clients and identifies its needs.

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