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Account manager; Key account manager


Account executives are in charge of the intermediation between the company and the client, and with whom they must ensure an optimal relationship both commercially and financially, as well as a good knowledge of their business.
Their main function is to monitor compliance with the objectives of the assigned customer accounts, analyse their evolution and propose corrective measures in the event of deviations, such as delays in payments or receipt of products. These professionals combine technical knowledge with great commercial ability, which allows them to offer new products to improve their service or the client company¿s processes.


* Concerned with knowing their clients¿ business and what they value the most in order to apply it to the offers (prices, time to market, delivery time, quality, etc.) or the creation of specific solutions. * Prepare, coordinate, negotiate and approve commercial offers and presentations of products or services with the client company, taking into account the financial risk to be assumed, that is, the uncertainty involved in allocating resources to an investment; this risk is defined by the company¿s finance area. * If necessary, rely on a more technical professional profile to help them more fully present the product or service offered. * Define the competitive advantages of the product or service to customers and control the creation process. * Do the commercial work of selling their company¿s solutions. * Check that the client company is satisfied with the service or the product, that the billing is correct and that the payments are made as agreed. * Report to the financial area the statement of the accounts, that is, the operations carried out by clients with a specific product in a time period. * Follow up the offers from the beginning to the end of the operation. * Maintain and expand the client portfolio through commercial action, visiting customers and contacting by phone or email. * Inform customers about new products and services offered by the company and attend to their incidents. * Propose updates or changes to the service or product when it becomes obsolete. * Prepare reports for the planning, management and monitoring of the client portfolio based on the status of the accounts and the sales forecast. * Supervise the business objectives of the company and verify their fulfilment. * Lead and manage a sales team, by planning the commercial actions to be carried out. * Monitor the status of the accounts assigned to their team.

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