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Expert in lobbying communications


This professional profile participates in planned communication processes, the contents of which are predominantly informative in kind, implemented in the framework of the corporate communication policies of companies or institutions and are directed at public authorities, although not always or exclusively in pre-legislative settings. The mission of this profile focuses on the establishment of trusting relationships with major stakeholders: public authorities (both executive and legislative).


  • The tasks inherent to a skilled lobbying expert basically consist of the following:
  • Ongoing research and management of the political climate and legislative, media and social issues.
  • Design and update the external audience map.
  • Draw up the strategic lobbying communication plan.
  • Identify the stakeholders (segmentation of external audiences).
  • Create and update the map of stakeholder alliances (with a special focus on opinion leaders).
  • Design communication strategies, strong ideas and key messages to be shared with each stakeholder.
  • Continuously review stakeholder perception, relation and communication audits.
  • Ongoing and proactive identification of new potential action schemes.
  • Manage external communications.
  • Institution meetings.
  • Draw up white papers.
  • Liaise with advertising and communication media (deliver press releases, press conferences, etc.)
  • Update/adjust the strategic lobbying communication plan based on audit results.
  • Liaising activities with advertising and communication media.
  • Handle public issue management policies (public affairs management), which consists of identifying emerging public policies likely to affect an organisation.
  • Design and implement strategic communication plans with public authorities (lobbying).
  • Create public mobilisation programmes and campaigns (grassroots lobbying).
  • Raise funds for election, citizen mobilisation and protest organisation group campaigns.
  • Create alliances with strategic groups of interest and political parties (coalition building).
  • Produce press release contents for publication in the media to generate opinion statuses and to try and mobilise certain perceptions of civil society (publicity).

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