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Security analyst and consultant


The role of the security consultant is to advise the company on safety policies and the most suitable systems. This is the person in charge of carrying out a risk analysis on the assets associated with the persons in the company s/he lends his/her services to (such as the potential loss of assets or illicit activities carried out by members of staff ), to know which actions to take in the event of a problem and apply the solution best suited to the needs and resources of the company. This is a generic occupation which can lead to the creation of new jobs if the professional becomes well specialised in a particular task or sector.


It is worth emphasising that each of these jobs can become a speciality of the consultant and a professional profile in its own right.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company with regard to security. Being familiar with the operation of the company requires an analysis of the organisation and the identification its needs and gaps both in general terms and with regard to security.
  • Identify risks and threats which can lead to company losses. On the basis of the knowledge of the company and its environment, establish which risks may constitute an actual threat.
  • Help define the safety policy of the company. Help the company management define the safety policy to be followed according to characteristics of the company and the regulations to be fulfilled.
  • Project security systems to be subsequently implemented and maintained either by himself or by specialists and technicians. Identify the best security systems according to company needs and resources.
  • Check the system once implemented. Once the security system is installed, check that it works properly and that it is used in the appropriate manner.
  • Inspect existing security systems. Evaluate readily installed systems to determine whether these fulfil current company needs, that is, if the system covers the current risks the company may face. It is important to carry out inspections, given that companies are dynamic and that over time, a security system may become obsolete and fail to cover needs.
  • Check the quality of security systems according to company needs and characteristics. This job is closely linked to inspection work. A security system must not just address current needs, it must do so with high quality. An alarm system can for instance not continuously send out false alarms as this has very harmful effects.
  • As an external consultant, draw up, coordinate and energise the implementation and execution of crisis plans.
  • Clarify and define the objectives to be achieved with regard to each individual risk and measure applied.
  • Explain which criteria are best suited to control company information, tabulating appropriate levels of distribution and providing advice on the most appropriate distribution channels.
  • Analyse the coherence of security projects and applications.
  • Participate in the definition and implementation of continuity and disaster recovery systems.
  • Participate in defining the desired profiles with regard to the recruitment of strategic business staff.
  • Carry out safety studies on specific topics. Carry out specific studies or research to analyse a one-off or specific situation the company needs to address. May for instance carry out a spot-check on the illicit use of company computers by a member of staff.

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