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Continuous improvement engineer


Today companies have to systematically improve their products, services and processes to be competitive. The person responsible for ongoing improvement is required to plan and manage human and technical resources to ensure that clients' specifications are met. He/she therefore sets targets and establishes the strategies to be followed so that a culture of total quality is created and improvements can constantly be made. Ongoing improvement must be supported by the management and review of all the steps in each process with feedback on them and clarity regarding responsibility for all action taken. Ongoing improvement has be considered as a sustainable activity over time and a regular activity, not a quick solution for a particular problem. The person responsible for ongoing improvement works systematically with the quality control, environmental and occupational hazard prevention departments and with the other departments in the company. He/she is normally answerable to the plant manager.


The duties of continuous improvement managers include the following:
  • Responsibility for implementing continuous improvements in the company (processes, products, facilities and staff).
  • Introducing the measures needed to achieve excellence and optimise performance.
  • Monitoring the extent to which continuous improvement targets are achieved.
  • Coordinating continuous improvement targets, informing all the departments in the company and involving the workforce.

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