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An actuary is a professional who calculates the economic risks that an insurance company specialised in risk compensation (heritage or personal insurance contracts, reinsurances, etc.) according to the volume of clients available and taking into account market evolution. To carry out risk calculations, apply mathematical models that serve to estimate the price of insurance, and as a result of this application and analysis, establish the value of future commitments that the company should take on, with respect to defined risks. The main mission of an actuary is to control accident rates and rate complacency and recalculate rates so as to achieve a greater return from products.


  • Carry out actuarial calculations and analysis of price setting and updates of products, and the financial return.
  • Design and apply financial and risk assessment models, by producing statistical models to quantify the risk that a company can take on, and in accordance with the current insurance contracts (client volume) of the company.
  • Draft reports based on calculations and statistics, with the aim of producing official documentation relating to internal models, models of liability assessment and control of provisions.
  • Participate in the production and updating of actuarial studies (presentation of risk calculation models), technical reports relating to accident rates (a statistical document that determines the probability that damages are produced in specific areas of the company), as well as other technical documentation.
  • Carry new products forward, alongside product development areas, marketing and sales, revise the existing ones and design the business management policies of the company.
  • Carry out the control and maintenance of technical databases and reporting systems (data transmission systems), which allow large volumes of data to be managed efficiently, and are a simple solution for the analysis of data and decision making.
  • Provide support to business networks of agents and insurance brokers.

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