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Compliance lawyers' mission is to ensure compliance with the laws within the organization. These professionals are the responsible for the prevention of crimes in the business environment (for example, money laundering or non-compliance with regulations on the prevention of occupational risks), intervening in the administration of the Management System for Crime Prevention. This system, which must be certified, includes a set of actions and protocols aimed at minimizing the possibility and consequences of crimes being committed within organizations, helping to reduce criminal risk. In addition, in order to successfully carry out their work, compliance lawyers must implement the measures and controls that allow them to know in a timely manner the risks and incidents that may affect the company for which they work.

Regarding data management, these professionals must ensure compliance with Organic Law 15/99, of December 13, on the protection of personal data (in Catalan Llei Orgànica de Protecció de Dades de Caràcter Personal, LOPD). For this, they supervise all the operations and technical procedures, whether automated or not, that allow the collection, recording, conservation, elaboration, modification, blocking and cancellation of data. They also control the data transfers derived from communications, queries, interconnections and external transfers of an organization, whether private or public.


  • Identify risks and integrate obligations.
    Identify possible risks of committing crimes in the organization and the obligations to which companies are subject (Hard Law and Soft Law).
  • Identify, evaluate and control the risk of crimes committed by the workers and third parties (suppliers, agents, contractors, distributors, etc.) within the organization.
    Integrate the obligations contained in the Crime Prevention Management System with existing policies, procedures and processes.
  • Legally advise.
    Ensure access to professional and appropriate advice for the establishment, implementation and maintenance of the system.
    Offer services as a consultant on the legal protection of information in all departments of the organization and in appropriate entities.
  • Manage the protection of personal data.
    Coordinate the corporate program for protection of personal data.
    Know the present state of different legal frames on confidentiality and data protection and supervise advances in information technologies to ensure the adjustment and compliance of the organization.
    Supervise and execute compliance with standards on protection of personal data.
    Establish and manage the process in order to receive, document, follow, investigate and take action on all complaints regarding the organization¿s personal data protection policies and procedures, in coordination and collaboration with other similar functions, and when necessary, in legal processes.
  • Supervise compliance.
    Supervise and execute compliance with standards on protection of personal data.
    Ensure the regular review and audit of the Crime Prevention Management System.
  • Coordinate actions with other departments or external agents.
    Work in collaboration with all units responsible for the treatment of sensitive information (creation, storage, organization and access) in order to ensure that the organization maintains appropriate protection, according to the agreed strategy and policies.
    Take part in the development, implementation and supervision of all agreements with external agents that operate with data transferred in communications, inquiries, interconnections and transfers in order to ensure compliance with legal regulations and corporate policies.
  • Responsible for the Ethical Channel.
    Manage the Ethical Channel, a tool that allows the staff or other collaborators to communicate those activities that are allegedly irregular or infringe the regulations or the ethical code of the organization.

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