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The head of security in a company carries out his occupation in companies offering private security services. Private security companies can offer protection and surveillance service, valuable deposit and safe-keeping services (such as the transportation of banking funds), security system installation and alarm reception switchboard services, as well as provide consultancy services regarding these security-related activities. This professional is the person responsible for ensuring that the company carries its activities in accordance with Act 23/1992, dated 30 July, on Private Security and deriving regulations. On the other hand, in order to be able to carry out the tasks typical of a security manager, s/he must be obtain the certification of head of security from the Home Office and fulfil the requirements set forth by private security regulations.


The duties of the head of security are established by Act 23/1992, dated 30 July, on Private Security and deriving regulations, The head of security in a company is therefore in charge of the following:
  • Handle the organisation and execution of the services provided by the security company.
    Analyse risk situations and plan and programme the necessary actions to implement security services.
    Organise, manage and inspect private security services.
  • Coordinate the operation of the security company's security guards and systems.
    Organise, manage and examine private security staff.
    Propose the security systems best suited to each case, supervise their use, operation, preservation and maintenance.
    Suggest suitable measures to fix any defects identified by the guards with regard to the service provided.
    Supervise the ongoing training of the security staff under his responsibility and propose the implementation of the relevant measure and initiatives required to fulfil this goal to the management.
    If in possession of a shooting instructor license, supervise the staff under his responsibility during shooting practice.
  • In the event of an emergency, catastrophe or natural disaster, coordinate the different security services under his responsibility using civil protection actions.
  • Ensure that the security services operate in partnership with those assigned to the relevant Security Force departments and units (National Police, Civil Guard, Regional and Local Policeforce .
  • Ensure the fulfilment of mandatory security regulations. Depending on the services provided, the security company must fulfil a set of specific standards.The head of security is responsible for ensuring this fulfillment. There are for example specific requirements which security guards who carry a weapon must fulfil.
  • Work in partnership with security forces and units. The private security regulation establishes the subordination of private security companies to public safety; it is therefore the duty of the head of security to share any important information or situation which may help protect, maintain or recover public safety.

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