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These specialists advise clients (individuals or companies) about the suitability of possible investment prospects. In order to achieve this, they study the trends in the various financial markets in which they operate, negotiating the conditions for operations and monitoring the process for the execution of orders for the "placement" of financial products. In short, they act as intermediaries between their clients and financial operators. Due to the substantial links between the international capital markets, these professionals must have a sound knowledge of financial markets (and the products that are part of transactions) both in Spain and abroad. They should also have an expert knowledge of the regulations that govern these financial operations.


On the one hand:
  • Study, analyse and collection the information published about different financial markets, both national and foreign (in newspapers and in particular online, through stockbrockers, banks, etc.).
  • Use this information to analyse the risk of different investments and their profitability.
  • Produce forecasts on trends in the markets and affecting specific securities.
  • Study the tax repercussions of the various investment transactions.
On the other hand, thanks to the analyses carried out in advance and to a solid understanding of their clients' (companies) needs, they may advise them as to which investments to make or not. Once investments have been decided:
  • Act as an intermediary between their clients and the Stock Brokerage Firms and Agencies who carry out the transactions, with whom they negotiate the financial conditions of the aforementioned transactions.
  • Ensure the completion of the necessary technical and administrative in order to make the investments.
  • Monitor the performance of these investments.
  • Notify their clients of this performance and of the most suitable measures to be taken in each case.

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