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Styling Consultant


This professional is the person in charge of advising and assisting the clientele in the research of one or more styles, and then concretises, develops and implements them in their external image. The style of a person is related to the coordination of colours, lines, shapes and volumes, as well as make-up, hairdressing, clothing and accessories, which the consultant has to apply in order to help the person in the research of his/her own recognisable image.
The styling and fashion adviser can base him/herself on the different styles existing in the world of fashion, which are related to ways of understanding life, trends and symbologies typical of certain cultures, regions, urban groups, professional groups, etc.


  • Establishes and specifies the external image to be projected by the client:
    - Defines the parameters of beauty with tools such as "Beauty Standards Books", a compilation of visual reproductions of these ideals that help to better visualise the possibilities.
    - Helps the person to define the style he/she wants to identify with by trying to understand the person's current and future needs in order to advise him/her correctly.
    - Identifies the characteristic features of the style to be achieved.
    - Analyses and assesses the morphology of the client's body, paying attention to its proportions, in order to treat them correctly according to the chosen needs and fashion criteria.
    - Makes the graphic and visual proposal to the client, using his/her own tools and resources: hairdressing proposal, make-up, wardrobe and accessories. Uses computer programmes to juxtapose images and make style tests on the figure of the person.
  • Applies the chosen styling and coordinates the implementation.
    - Develops the process of the proposed styling advice and asks professionals collaborating in other areas (hairdressing, aesthetics, make-up, dietetics, etc.) to provide the necessary products or services to be implemented on the client.
    - Monitoring to maintain coherence in the globality of the client's external image.
    - Audits the levels of quality and excellence of the service provided.
    - Can act as a personal shopper and accompany the client to buy the products needed to develop their styling or buy them on their behalf.

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