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Financial advisors help identify the clients' financial needs and make investment recommendations, continuously adapting them to these needs. They make recommendations to individuals and companies regarding small financial products (mortgages, pension plans, investment funds, etc.) and work mainly in the banking sector.

Depending on the size of the organization in which these professionals work or the demands made by the clients, they also carry out wealth management tasks, advising and managing assets of individuals or companies, and/or commercial advice in the field of insurance.


  • Analyse the profile of the clients, individuals or companies, considering the following factors:
    If the client is an individual, their age, wealth, as well as their professional and family situation.
    If the client is a company, the capital, balance sheet, future business prospects and sales volume.
  • Advise clients in financial matters and provide them with a vision of the functioning of financial markets and their products. If necessary, identify their needs and advise them on the best insurance option, by analysing their financial situation and personal interests.
  • Advise on the most appropriate investment according to the client's objectives and determine the capital that must be invested in order to achieve them. Inform about the risk factors in the investments (interest rates, possibility of losses, etc.).
  • Identify the risk factors of the transactions (investments, credit applications, etc.) that the client wants to assume. To do this, an analysis must be carried out of the external resources necessary to finance the transaction.
  • Prepare long-term investment plans evaluating the clients' profitability objectives, the available resources, and the time and risks that the client is willing to assume.
  • Inform about the legal aspects of investments.
  • Commercialize products such as life, health, home, transport, credit insurances, etc.
  • Manage the client portfolio: analyse their characteristics (available capital, risk to be assumed, investments made, etc.), identify the time to be spent on each one and resolve any doubts and/or main problems that may arise. Prepare reports on the status of the client portfolio.

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