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Operators of emergency services attend calls from people in emergency situations through telephones such as 112 (Emergency telephone number), 061 (CatSalut Respon) or 016 (Attention to victims of gender-based violence). These professionals activate the emergency plan and watch over the good management of emergencies through the coordination of the different operating bodies, agencies and institutions involved in the resolution. They are part of a team whose purpose is the people safety and well-being and the prevention and minimization of negative effects that may arise in an emergency.

These professionals work by explaining complex procedures over the phone and offering life-saving advice, for example, to guide someone doing CPR or attending a childbirth. For this reason, operators of emergency services must react quickly to crisis situations and take the initiative when necessary. They must inspire confidence in the people assisted and offer them adequate psychological assistance. Confidentiality is essential in this work setting.


  • Take calls from people in emergency situations.
  • Quickly obtain the maximum information in order to identify the situation and the pertinent management that should be carried out.
  • Summon and quickly mobilize the most appropriate teams in the resolution (operating bodies, agencies or institutions involved).
  • Electronically record essential information such as the exact location and details of the situation.
  • It may be necessary to keep the person on the phone until the teams arrive to the location. In this case, they advise and emotionally accompany the person in order to foster the calm until the teams arrive.

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