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Multimedia Engineer; Web Manager


Web programmers are in charge of developing web applications in order to make them scalable, secure and reliable in the digital environment. These professionals program web pages, including the presentation of information in the Frontend (user interface and logic of digital business) and the not visible part by users, communications in the Backend (connection to database and server).

These professionals use specific programming languages and create those instructions that make it possible for all components of the product to work correctly and achieve the desired effects. They will also use frameworks (environments that facilitate programming), libraries for specific projects, create application programming interfaces (APIs) to work with ESB (Enterprise Service Bus: a software architecture model) and design and use databases.

It is a professional profile that, as with most profiles related to new technologies, has a strong transnational connotation, since the preparation and knowledge acquired in this area have a universal character.


  • Design the website.
    In the first instance, establish contact with the client to collect their needs and translate them into a web proposal.
    Do research on the type of site, benchmark similar projects that already exist in the market and can provide ideas.
    Responsible for preparing a web structure proposal following usability and navigability criteria, which they present to customers in the form of mock-up.
  • Program the website.
    Once the proposal has been approved, program it and translate the general design of the application into a set of concrete and specific instructions, intelligible to the computer's processor.
    Use programming languages and support tools to generate the code that will run the website.
  • In some cases, advise on the technical feasibility of the project.
    Investigate the existence of certain programs or tools and determine if they can be created if they do not exist.
    Size and adjust the loading functions of the web application to the requirements of the servers.
  • Integrate elements to the web application and incorporate improvements that facilitate usability and navigation.
    Integrate texts, graphics, visual and sound effects, interactive elements, etc.
    Deal with the implementation of AAA accessibility systems.
    Responsible for making the web compatible with different devices and browsers.
  • Control quality.
    Test the operation of the web to detect and correct possible residual errors, both in software and usability.
    Reduce risks thanks to knowing the required security levels depending on the type of information system and defines policies that automate security tests.
    Have the technical and user documentation of the web application.
  • Participate in the adaptation of applications.
    Modify existing products in order to adapt them to new market requirements, improve some aspects, update applications, etc.

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