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Fashion designers create and develop commercial clothing and accessory collections for all types of public, styles and production materials. They can also design artistic wardrobes for performances and professionals. Their training lets them design according to market requirements or third-party demands. These professionals are skilled in analysing market trends, identifying fashion opportunities and innovating with regard to shapes, styles, materials and prints. They have a broad outlook when defining and creating concepts, collections and their end production.


  • Analyse and/or define the positioning of the collection to be designed.
    Designers may receive fully-designed commissions or, conversely, have to define the task. In both circumstances, they must specify: price ranges at the point of sale, the target audience or population segment it is addressed to (age, area, purchasing power, style, etc.), content of the collection (type of pieces, sizes, materials, accessories, etc.) and motif for the collection.
  • Execture one or more design proposals.
    Make a proposal for the collection with hand-drawn sketches, fabric samples, photographs or pre-created pieces as samples to display the main idea of the collection. In parallel, present a palette of approximate colours, with fabric samples of the colours imagined for the collection.
  • Create the initial prototypes.
    Starting with the selected idea, create prototypes of the key pieces of the collection to test and be able to to validate the project. If these models work, develop other prototypes with the remaining pieces for the collection.
  • Develop the final project for the collection.
    After the entire collection has been approved, execute the project and indicate all the necessary specifications in technical production sheets.
  • Supervise pattern design and the final production.
    Monitor the workshop where the pieces are produced.
  • Come up with ideas for and work jointly on launching the collection.
    Run the launch for the collection. The launch will normally be done in a hall, catwalk or shop and tends to take the founding concept of the collection into account, where the designer provides the most ideas.
  • Carry out any improvements that need to be made in the collection.
    After the collection is launched, identify improvements and finishing touches to implement. The designer does these improvements and oversees the final output.

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