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Bookbinders are responsible for converting printed material into finished goods, such as books, brochures and catalogues. These professionals use machines and other instruments that automatically cut the paper in accordance with the correct measurements, fold the pages or bind them together with glue. Some work with industrial machines, while others carry out more creative bookbinding.


As an industrial bookbinder:
  • Prepare the machinery and supply it with paper.
  • If the equipment is computerised, programme it.
  • Report maintenance problems.
  • Order and release the machines of the finished products.
  • Control various types of bookbinding.
  • Ensure that the work orders have been completed.
  • Carry out ordinary maintenance tasks.
  • Package the finished materials.
As a craft bookbinder:
  • Bind small book collections by hand for libraries and museums. Use special tools to stitch pages together or bind books.
  • Add adornments such as letters or finishes.
  • They can also restore and repair old books.

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