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These professionals are responsible for ensuring the correct screening of films, guaranteeing the user's experience in terms of quality, through the correct visual (with images) and sound (with audio) reproduction.

More specifically, these professionals are responsible for the correct functioning of the projection equipment and machinery (audio and video) at the time of the screening, so they must first have prepared all the material and also have the relevant knowledge and technological expertise to ensure normality and manage any incidents that may occur during the screening. They can participate in screenings as well as other events that may be programmed in an exhibition hall.

In all cases, these professionals also assume the maintenance of the digital projection equipment.

They work in exhibition halls, the traditional cinemas, and the number of screening rooms under their responsibility will vary depending on the screening company and the characteristics of the cinema (multiplex, independent cinemas. etc.) or event (festivals, conferences, etc.).


  • Prepare the material to be projected and adjust parameters and values of the digital equipment to ensure correct screening, if necessary.
  • Project films and other audiovisual content, such as advertisements or trailers, at the indicated time and moment.
  • Supervise the screening and solve any incidents that may arise during the screening.
  • Ensure the correct functioning of the projection equipment that makes the screening possible, including the maintenance of digital equipment.
  • Manage the maintenance of projection equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's or supplier's instructions.
  • Know and master the operation of projection equipment (audio and video) to ensure its full operability: DOLBY technology, exhibition product formats, among others.
  • Together with other professionals, actively participate in the organisation and execution of all types of events that take place in an exhibition hall, such as business, cultural or any other type of event, taking charge of the planning and screening of any audiovisual product during the event (wiring, microphones, time control, rundown, etc.).
  • Be in permanent contact with other departments in their company (programming, IT, operations, etc.) to ensure that their work will meet the requirements set.

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