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Artist and performing companies representatives, sometimes called talent agents, are responsible for promoting the career and administering the business of actors/actresses and other professionals in the entertainment industry such as singers, models, dancers, bands, communicators, etc. Many agents work exclusively with actors or actresses, whereas others work with models of different ages or can even work exclusively with children. The main goal of representatives is to guarantee the best employment and hiring conditions for their clients and to take charge of all professional issues including image rights on many occasions.


  • Organise auditions for clients.
  • Create networks of contacts that make it easier to place clients.
  • Negotiate contracts, rates and manage collections.
  • Organise tours and book spaces.
  • Advise the actors/actresses on taking decisions about their careers.
  • Organise publicity and promotions for the actor/actress.
  • Obtain representation for different actors/actresses and seek new talent/artists.
  • Maintain relations with the media, handle fan letters and requests for personal appearances of the clients represented.
  • Manage clients' trips and work permits.
  • Stay in contact at all times with clients.
  • Assure that all promotional material for artists is available (photographs, website, videobooks) and manage training and/or skills improvement sessions for clients represented.

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