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Publishers are in charge of identifying and deciding on the books or editorial products that will be published as part of a catalogue, newspaper or online content, both new works or parts of a collection or editorial line.

Mainly, their job consists of assessing the proposals they receive or proposing new topics and finding a writer or journalist to develop them. In this sense, publishers ensure that the text adapts to the corresponding specifications (space, format, grammatical style, etc.), supervise that the contents of interest fit the proposed line and ensure that deliveries are made on time.

In some cases, this professional may also be in charge of creating their own content and being directly responsible for electronic publications or the information that some theme web portals offer to their public


Decide and negotiate editorial proposals
  • Read proposals or reports in order to decide when to accept a job.
  • Contact writers or journalists so that they develop specific topics.
  • Negotiate contracts with authors.
  • Decide which books or content are to be re-published, which will have more print runs and which will be taken out of print.
Supervise editorial content
  • Coordinate the activities of writers, journalists and other professionals working on the publication, determining delivery times, the length of the texts, their presentation and style.
  • Revise, assess and modify the contents so that they adjust to the criteria for publication.
  • In case of informative material, verify the truthfulness of the contents using different sources of information.
Manage editorial publication and promotion
  • Manage the copyrights of the work.
  • If there is not a specialised post such as a content manager, work together with designers and programmers to define the medium in which the contents will be presented, giving the most appropriate form to the images and other resources accompanying them.
  • Publish, revise and maintain published contents and, in some cases, update them using contents management systems.
  • Think about ways to promote editorial content (digital positioning, presentations with the author, interviews with the media, etc.).

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