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Performing arts and audiovisual make-up artist and hairdresser
Make-up artist and hairdresser for television, cinema, fashion, theatre, etc.


This is the professional specialist in make-up and hairdressing applied to audiovisual productions and events, such as television programmes or series, films, advertisements, videoclips, fashion photoshoots, theatre, dance, etc.

Their main function is to interpret the make-up and hairdressing requirements and to achieve an adequate visual representation, adapting to the needs of production, actors and actresses, director, etc. These professionals ensure the good image for everyone who appears on camera or stage, and for the characterisation of characters following the script.

Their duties include styling hair and applying make-up for television presenters and guests, assisting in the characterisation of cinema fiction, advertising or theatre, and meticulously styling their hair and applying their make-up for photoshoots and fashion shows. These professionals usually work closely with other stylists to polish the final image to be transmitted.


Before the show
  • Read and study the script of the project and discuss it with the direction and production teams to exchange impressions, define the image criteria of the characters and try to adapt the make-up and hairdressing work to the artistic requirements of the script, in a manner which is either creative or realistic, depending on the case.
  • Must occasionally do some documentation work in order to become more familiar with the period styles to be recreated, the subject matter, actor preferences, etc.
  • Pay attention to the number of people that these professionals have to apply their make-up, style their hair and characterise in order to assess the adequacy of the budget, the work time, equipment and professional support.
  • Prepare all the material, acquiring the tools and products that are necessary for the project. May occasionally need to design and produce some characterisation items such as wigs, hairpieces, prostheses, etc.
During the show
  • Perform previously defined make-up, hairdressing and characterisation work with agility and good response to prevent unexpected events (such as bad weather conditions).
  • In coordination with the director of photography, determine the best lighting conditions to proceed to the audiovisual recording of make-up and hairdressing work.
  • Watch the connection of the different scenes, guaranteeing the continuity and coherence of the hairstyles and make-up. To do this, they must know how the plans and the order of shooting will be.
  • Touch up hairstyle and make-up on film sets, television sets, during the course of a play, a photo shoot, etc., to ensure it is properly maintained.
After the show
  • Create and keep updated a compilation of their work which should include photographs or videos of all their works, to be used as a cover letter when looking for new projects.
  • Keep in constant contact with producers in order to be able to apply for new projects.
  • If working on a freelance basis, keep track of expenses and issue the relevant invoices.

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