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This professional is responsible for the conservation, prevention and restoration of artistic and cultural heritage. The variety with which this artistic and cultural heritage is presented (paintings, sculptures, ceramics, graphic and audio documents, etc.) usually requires specialisation within this sector.


  • Carries out technical studies and analyses, both overall and specific, and advises on the restoration and conservation of cultural heritage.
  • Prepares reports as a means of preventive conservation.
    Assess the condition of the object, forecast systematic inspections and proper measures for its conservation, packing and transport.
    Draw up emergency plans.
    In charge of achieving environmental stability by controlling relative humidity, temperature, lighting and polluting conditions to guarantee that the object is fully sealed.
    Optimise storage and exhibition spaces.
  • Take charge of the restoration of the historic-artistic asset.
    Consider basic criteria of reversibility, legibility and stability.
    Execute tasks to document the object, studying existing information about it.
    Studies cultural heritage and determines its condition; decides the process for its restoration and the subsequent maintenance programme.
  • Prepares graphic reports and documents after the project, explaining the study and restoration process that has been carried out.
  • Is familiar with comprehensive systems of environmental control, virtual reconstruction, new treatments and materials, x-rays, spectrography, chemical analyses and new technological advances.

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