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Costume designer


Wardrobe designers work on the realisation of a theatrical performance or any other type of show, recorded or live, in which actors must perform roles for specific situations and eras. The wardrobe lets actors adopt proportions and personalities that make the event understandable and coherent. Clear examples in which wardrobe designers may be hired, apart from theatre, are television series, adverts, street performances, public relations events, etc. Wardrobe designers have training that also lets them undertake stage design and lighting tasks.


  • Analyse the work and its characters and perform a suitable search.
    Starting from guidelines set by the director, wardrobe designers study the work and its characters, documented with information from current or past patterns and outline what costumes will be worn by each of the actors.
    They have to be clear about the exact nature of the event, the characters-actors, mobility and space requirements, set designs and the set and theme in general.
  • Design the wardrobe for all characters.
    Make a proposal for the costumes for every character, either by hand, using the computer, with fabric samples, photographs or pre-created pieces as samples.
    After the idea or draft project has been approveed, develop the wardrobe-design project, designing the patterns for each piece, the individual sections, indicating all specifications before sending them to the production or dressmaking workshop.
  • Coordinate and manage the creation of the entire wardrobe.
    Supervise that everything is tailored and produced per specifications, tasks that are generally outsourced to external workshops.
  • Work closely with the set designer and lighting technician.
    If the costume designer is not a set designer, work closely together to seek aesthetic coherence and the correct ambience.
  • Coordinate the wardrobe for the staging.
    In stage design, the wardrobe designer supervises that everything is done according to that which is established by the director and verifies that the wardrobe choices are the best possible.

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