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Voice actor, Dubbing actor


These professionals are responsible for incorporating their voice into audio track recordings, either to replace a recording made in a foreign language or to provide a voiceover for audiovisual pieces that do not originally have one.

When dubbing, they replace the original dialogue of a film, report, programme, documentary, etc., for a new recording of the audio track (voices). Their role is therefore to interpret and synchronise this new recording with the performance of the original actor or actress as faithfully as possible. In addition, they can work as voice-over artists in the broadcasting of radio programmes or news, on a television channel, in advertising pieces, providing their voice to video game characters, audiobooks or in different audiovisual pieces produced for the Internet, among others.

The replacement of the original audio tracks or the voice-over in audiovisual pieces can have different purposes, such as improving the voice-over of one or more actors or actresses, correcting problems in the original sound recording or providing dialogue in another language. It is also used to give voice to non-existent actors or actresses, such as cartoon characters, or to add a voice-over narrator, a voice of someone who does not appear in the film. Usually, voice-over and dubbing professionals come from the artistic field (mainly dubbing actors and actresses).


  • Participate in the audiovisual post-production process by replacing the original dialogue of a film, report, programme, documentary or other audiovisual product for a new recording of the audio track.
  • Perform voice-over and/or dubbing in films, videos or other audiovisual materials, paying special attention to elements such as diction, interpretation, reading and rhythm, so that the voice-over is synchronised with the visual image.
  • In the role of voice actor, they can broadcast news bulletins, television news bulletins, individual or grouped news (on radio and/or television), advertising announcements and collaborate in the implementation and management of the production aspects necessary for the execution of radio or television programmes.

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