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Stage designer


Scenographers, or stage designers, design and create the scenes making up a theatre show or any event, live or recorded, in which the creation of a space with specific settings or climate is required. They will define these scenes architecturally through the decorations, furniture, proper lighting, visual effects, etc. Clear examples where scenography is employed, besides the theatre, could be fashion catwalks, television series, adverts, street performances, new product launches, public relations events, etc. Scenographers' training will also let them perform tasks of costume designers and lighting technicians.


  • Analyses the work or event to be staged and carries out a search.
    Using the guidelines set by the director, the stage designer studies the work or event to be staged, documenting it and outlining the acts or parts that require different set designs or variations. Will have to be very clear about the nature of the event, los characters-actors, mobility and space requirements, decorations, wardrobe, general atmosphere and the lighting with which to work.
  • Design scenographies for the event and main parts.
    Draw up a proposal for the scenography, whether it is expressed graphically by 3D computer rendering programs or via volumetric mockups. After the idea or preliminary project is approved, develop all details of the project, to the design of furniture if necessary, with the aim of being able to move onto the production phase.
  • Coordinate and manage the realisation of different decors.
    Take charge of supervising the proper realisation of the scene or scenes, which are generally outsourced to various specialists.
  • Work closely with the scene costume designer and lighting technician.
    Work closely with the costume designer to seek aesthetic coherence and a suitable ambience, as well as with the lighting technician to create the lighting ambience required for the scenography.
  • Manage the staging.
    This is the most relevant part of their work: the actual staging with all the people involved, the preliminary test to validate the stage design project. All the professionals of the performance are involved in this staging: actors, final wardrobe, lighting, sound, etc.

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