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Musical instrument repairers are responsible for building, repairing, restoring and performing maintenance on musical instruments. Sometimes instrument repairers date instruments and look for information about their history. These instruments may be used at music schools or companies, or be exhibited at museums or heritage interpretation centres. Most repairers, considering the specialised nature of restoration techniques and the knowledge required, specialise in particular families of instruments such as string instruments, percussion, brass or woodwind, and keyboards, or in specific instruments such as the guitar or the violin.


  • Build new musical instruments that require great precision and accuracy, since the slightest variation may have a major effect on an instrument's sound.
  • Repair instruments that are in a poor condition or damaged (for instance, cracks in violins, or replacing the damaged parts of a trumpet).
  • Tune instruments to ensure they produce the best possible sound.
  • Apply the final layers to new instruments.
  • Work with different materials such as wood, metal, plastic and fibre glass.
  • Refresh their knowledge and train in new techniques and specific repair techniques for the types of instruments in which they specialise.
  • Diagnose issues with faulty instruments.
Repairers' tasks may vary significantly depending on their specialisation.

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