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Film directors are responsible for making the creative decisions with regards to an audiovisual production: they interpret the script, choose the cast on the basis of the producer's suggestions, communicate the key concepts to the stage and costume designers, direct both the actors and the technical team, and approve the design of all of the elements involved in a production (costume, music, choreography, photography, etc.). When directors work in films, they should well versed in all of the advantages and limitations of filming technology. These types of directors do not only direct film productions, but also work in television and other audiovisual media.


  • Responsible for the artistic side of the production of a film. Oversees, approves and interprets the film or audiovisual production script..
    Communicate the concepts that they wish to see on screen to the costume, make-up, photography, visual effects and sound teams, amongst others.
    Once each of the teams involved has made a proposal, approve all of the elements to be used in the production.
  • Supervise the script and prepare it for shooting.
    Decide how the production will convey the plot laid out in the script.
    Define how the scenes set out in the script are to be shot.
    Liaise with the technical teams and prepare everything connected with the script production (sets, set design, etc.).
  • In conjunction with the producer, select the actors and actresses and the creative and technical team: choose the cast for the production through casting calls or through direct offers in the case of large productions featuring renowned actors and actresses.
    Put together the creative and technical team, who will make the production under your direction. The number of people involved in this process may vary depending on the size of the production budget.
  • Direct the technical and artistic teams.
    Direct the work of the actors and adjust it until it is right for the production.
    Direct the work of the technical team throughout all of the phases: before the production, during the production, during the shoot (cameras, lighting, etc.) and in the post-production stage.
    This allows them to keep track of the overall progress of the project. This task reveals the difference between working with digital technology and not doing so, since the work of a digital technical team differs from the role of a traditional audiovisual team and production.
  • Edit the film.
    Together with the editor, select the best scenes out of all of the material filmed in order to tell the story the way they initially envisaged it.
    Responsible for editing all of the material using specialised programmes.

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